Canadian wild rice with spicy anchovies and tomatoes


(for 4 people) 


160-180 grams of rice wild Canadian 

4-6 anchovies, spicy 

4 large tomatoes camone 

12 black or green olives 

40 gr of sheep's cheese unseasoned 


oil (chilli if you do not have spicy anchovies) 




Boil the rice in salted water for about 40-45 minutes Canadian (check the times indicated by the manufacturer). 

When cooked, drain it, leaving a little 'cooking water. Alternatively you can use the rice Venus (controlled quantities 'recommended' cause it less of wild rice) 

Meanwhile, put the oil in a frying pan with the anchovies, fry until the anchovies dissolve and add the rice and some of the tomatoes. 

Fate mix well. Remove from heat and add the remaining chopped tomatoes and olives.

Add cheese into small pieces before serving to seal without melting. 





ALLERGY WARNING: contains sheep's milk. 


Check carefully if the ingredients are compatible with your intolerances / allergies before experiencing any recipe.