Buttersquash and chestnuts crusted turkey


(for 6 people) 


Turkey opened (about 3 kg) 

pre-cooked chestnuts 



Speck (or smoked bacon) 


1/2 cup white wine 

Salt and spices q.b. 



Wash the turkey thoroughly (in order to remove any possible presence of butter during preparation) 

NB: In some countries it is prepared and sold "butter basted" ie 'sprinkled butter to make your skin soft during cooking. Thoroughly clean the outside of the turkey in order to remove all traces of cow milk and also the inside (you never know) 







Bake squash, parsnips and chestnuts pre-cooked with salt, pepper and half a glass of white wine. 

Let cool and make a puree, adding the bacon thinly sliced (you can also blend the bacon). 

NB: the combination of speck (smoked and salted) will counteract 'the sweet pumpkin and castegne in a delicate mix 





Spread on foil salt, various spices and herbs (to your taste: sweet marjoram, sage, thyme ....) and chives (which can 'be a good alternative to onions). Rub the inside of the turkey. 

Put the puree all.interno with the rest of the turkey and cover the top. Close the foil to foil and bake at 220 degrees for about 2 hours. Towards the end of ccottura open the foil to evaporate the water and create a pleasant and tasty crust. 








Serve warm appropriately portioned (cut diagonally and you'll generous slices tasty) with potatoes or baked vegetables to taste. 


Bon appetit to all! 




ALLERGY WARNING: contains chestnuts (no nut free) and sulphites. 


Check carefully if the ingredients are compatible with your intolerances / allergies before experiencing any recipe.