Stuffed zucchini with bresaola and goat cheese

Ingredients (for 4 people) 


4 large zucchini (or 8 small to medium) 

120 grams of dried beef 

60 g taleggio goat 

12 ripe tomatoes Pixel 

30 grams of corn flakes 

1 tablespoon of grated cheese in sugar 

Chives basil 

salt to taste 




Cook the zucchini steamed until they ammorbidore (6-8 minutes) fateke cool and empty it (keep the pulp for the filling). 

Whisk taleggio of caprera with bresaola, meta 'corn flakes and chopped zucchini. 

Fill the zucchini. 

If you become part of ripenp add to the sauce that you have made with tomatoes, chives, basil and salt. Take a mirror with part deli sauce in a baking dish and depositatevi zucchini. 

Cover them with the remaining sauce and sprinkle with the remaining corn flakes that you will shake and combined with grated cheese lactose. 

Bake at 200 'for 15 minutes to brown. 





Allergy Warning: Contains milk of goat and cow. 

Check carefully if the ingredients are compatible with your intolerances / allergies before experiencing any recipe.