Fennels au gratin with tofu bechamelle



For 4 people 

6 medium-large fennel 

300g of tofu 

100g of ham 

40g of grated cheese in sugar 

20-30gr of corn flakes 

1 vegetable stock cube 




Cut the fennel slices and cook in a pressure cooker in water and die. 

Drain them without deleting the broth and let cool. 

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce of tofu. 

Puree the soup with tofu softening it until you get a smooth sauce. 

Add the ham and meta 'cheese. Season with salt if necessary. 

Blend the corn flakes and add to the cheese. Place a couple of tablespoons in the bottom of a baking dish (you will avoid greasy). 

Take cover with a layer of fennel meta 'part of bechamel and sprinkle corn flakes. Make another layer cover with the remaining sauce and corn flakes. 

Bake at 220 'for 15-20 minutes. 






Allergy Warning: Contains milk and soy. 


Check carefully if the ingredients are compatible with your intolerances / allergies before experiencing any recipe.